On-Site Corporate and Private sector training

On-Site Corporate & Public Sector Training

We are happy to announce that the team at S4U now offer on-site corporate and private sector training.

These training programs will include Self-Protection, Self-Awareness and Empowerment techniques. The benefits to those who participate in these programs are:

  1. Increased physical abilities
  2. Stress management & reduction
  3. Improved self-confidence
  4. Higher levels of alertness
  5. Enhanced state of overall well being

The benefits to the employer are:

  1. More productive workforce
  2. Energised personnel
  3. Motivated & resourceful employees
  4. Improved Team spirit
  5. Reduction in sick days/absenteeism

These are unique programs, customised to each client organisational and individual needs.

If you would like to find out more about these on-site training programs we can arrange for one of our team members to visit you at your location to discuss more in detail the service plans on offer. Please feel free to contact us.

S4U Team


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