S4U Team

S4U came as an idea from two very like-minded people, who in today’s fast-paced society saw the urge and need for helping others who are under constant stress in their life’s trying to balance work, family and personal time. The team at S4U wanted to make positive changes in the everyday life’s of people and founded S4U to set about accomplishing this plan.

Patrick and Srdan are like most people, they went through many different stages in their life’s both positive and negative so they decided from the lessons they learned on their own life’s journeys that they could help and empower others to do the same, to be healthier and happier within themselves.

Our team with over 30 years combined experience ensures you see real results by delivering enjoyable, accessible and effective programs to our clients. We focus on building honest relationships, leading to a more productive and well-balanced individual and/or team, no matter which background or profession you belong to S4U will always ‘Put you first’.

S4U Team


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