New Training Courses

New Training Courses

We are happy to announce that the team at S4U now offer new on-site corporate and private sector training programs.

The programs/workshops we run are flexible and cater to groups of all sizes, from SME’s to Multinationals. We customise workshops to suit our client’s specific needs, as we at S4U understand that no two companies are the same, hence we pride ourselves on building honest working relationships with our clients.

Please find below our current top 8 core services that we offer to the corporate sector:
1. Mindfulness Programs
2. Wellness & Well-being Programs
3. Stress Management Programs
4. Life Balance Programs
5. Motivational & Confidence Building Programs
6. Employee Self-Protection Programs
7. Gym Fitness & Nutrition Programs
8. Kravercise

Each program is diverse in its offerings as it targets different areas of the body and mind, with the main objective been to make each participant a better version of themselves in a balanced and positive way.

If you feel that any of our services may be of interest to you and fit with your company ethos, then we welcome the opportunity to discuss our services and programs with you. Please feel free to contact us if you require any more information or if you would like one of our team members to visit you onsite for a meeting.

S4U Team

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