At S4U we understand that Health and Education systems are inextricably linked, yet they are missing key opportunities to work together to support student health and learning. By incorporating health and wellness into the school culture we can help create a better environment for students, teachers and the education systems. Students of all levels are more stressed these days than when their parents were of school age, the pressure is not only academic life but also social acceptance be that in and or outside of the place of education.

Recognising this connection and acting to strengthen collaboration between the health and education sectors is one of the most important steps we can take to support the success and well-being of the next generation.

At S4U we see the need to:

Healty and Safe Classroom


Safe and Healthy Place

Providing safe and healthy places to learn and grow

At S4U we see the need for Health and Education system to provide safer and healthier places for students to learn and grow.

All students deserve access to a clean and safe environment, nutritious meals and opportunities for physical activity—including effective PE classes while eliminating unhealthy foods and teaching students about the importance of nutrition and activity.


Recognition of Health and Wellness

Recognising health and wellness as an integral part of excellence

At S4U we see the need for Health and Education system to recognise health and wellness as an integral part of excellence in education.

We must integrate health and wellness into the definition of a successful school/college and recognise the ways in which these elements support learning.
As we evaluate educational performance and seek to elevate successful practices, we must acknowledge the role that health and wellness play in a students achievement and growth.

Move - Eat - Be


Level of Achievement

The level of achievement is closely related to personal health!

Research shows us that higher levels of achievement are often related to health and that health problems are closely connected to hindered performance in school and College.

At S4U we want to address this problem as early as possible and work with the educational system to bridge this gap and educate our student from an early age on the importance of physical and mental health. Knowledge is power and our aim is to empower students with our system of workshops aimed at educating and promoting a positive attitude to physical and mental health.



Recognise, React, Reject and Report

At S4U we also address the issue of bullying be it both physical or social media based.

Using resources children are empowered to the 4 R’s - Recognise, React, Reject and Report bullying, to not be afraid to address the issue and help also the teaching staff to then resolve bullying situations and try to rebuild the student's relationships to what they were before the bullying first started. Students, Parents and teachers need to work together, as we at S4U understand this and through our programs, we aim to empower students to understand that bullying is wrong and can be resolved through the proper course of actions.
In our workshops through a series of scenario's we encourage and teach techniques that are easy to learn, retain and use when and where necessary.

Together we can build a better future for all our students through a positive approach to physical and mental wellness, as we know and understand that our students are our future.

Incorporate Health & Wellness into the school culture!

We can help create a better environment for students and teachers!


'Excel - Body & Mind'

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