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S4U Philosophy

‘Our philosophy is built on a foundation of preparation.’

At S4U we have a philosophy built on a foundation of preparation, we understand life in the Corporate world is very fast paced and can be at times stressful.

As our society tends to be “Reactive” – people normally wait for negative events to occur before attempting to change or improve their situation. At S4U, we want to transform this passive approach into a more proactive one.


Education, Training & Empowerment

A tailor-made service!

By educating, training and empowering individuals to actively improve their capabilities and confidence, their chances of safely exiting a negative situation are greatly increased. If your employees are happy and thriving, then so is your company.

However, it is impossible to thrive if ones physical and mental health aren’t catered for, that is why we have created our “Excel – Body & Mind” program - a flexible and innovative physical wellness system designed to ensure your employees are healthy, engaged and productive. It is a tailor-made service that evolves based on what works for our client’s and satisfies their needs.

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S4U - Excel Body & Mind - Corporate Wellness Program


Our Goal & Aim

“Excel - Body & Mind”

Our goal is to give your employees the tools they need to make lasting improvements in their physical well-being. The lectures, seminar/workshops are designed to help your employees be at their physical peak through the implementation of a system of fitness based exercises, intermixed with self- empowerment styled techniques, positive affirmations, dialogue and de-escalation scenarios.
While your employees are yielding the benefits of improved physical fitness and situational awareness they are also acquiring a skill-set of empowerment techniques that can aid in the protection of themselves and their loved ones in the presence of danger. This equates to the building of a stronger, healthy and more empowered individual who brings positive energy and improved self-awareness and self-worth. We also offer the added benefit of nutritional planning, and general quality of life advice - such as quality of sleep, self- reflection techniques, improving family time and methods for reducing stress. The aforementioned will lead to the development of a solid foundation for positivity both in the workplace and at home.

We also aim to boost mental well-being, both in the workplace and in their personal lives. We cover topics that are both group and one-to-one based. Overall, our system promises to deliver an end result of improved mindfulness, stress release and management, communication skills, anxiety management, improved emotional intelligence and a rise in self-confidence.


Workplace Open Culture

Individual and Team Instruction

Our “Excel – Body & Mind” program not only provides in-person instruction through lectures, workshops and seminars but also follow up support from our team via email and phone - we are there for our clients, always.

An open culture can be created in the workplace by promoting an awareness and understanding of employee’s well-being. Through effective educational programs such as “Excel Body & Mind”, we can break down the stigma and myths that surround both physical and mental health issues by creating a safe space where employees feel encouraged and supported. Our lectures, seminars and workshops are an excellent method for developing and cultivating an open culture towards positive thinking.

· Life Balance.
· Power of Positive Thinking & Self-worth.
· Time & Stress Management.
· Mind – Body – Life = Productive Employee.
· Reduction in costs regarding sick days, mental health days, low morale etc.
· A positive physical & mental health strategy is more than just a good HR initiative, it is the best investment a company can make in their workforce and an integral part of running a successful and profitable business. Your human capital is your most valuable capital.

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Get Empowered

Acquire the necessary tools to improve your well being!



'Excel - Body & Mind'

Our corporate program offers multiple services

Team Engagement

Our program empowers teams to engage and actively improve their capabilities, physical fitness and situational awareness. 

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Our program accommodates the building of a stronger, healthier and more empowered team that brings back more positive oriented energy to the office and the workplace. 

Team Improvement

Our program manages the improvement of self-awareness and self-worth of each team and it helps with delivering a new and improved way of team development.    

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