S4U is one of Ireland’s leading providers of Personal Well-Being and Empowerment Training for the Corporate Sector, Public Education Institutions and Private clients. At S4U we adopt an approach of “A Healthy Body 🔁 A Healthy Mind”. We share this perspective through our wellness programs named “Excel - Body & Mind”. These are a series of proactive situational awareness & self-empowerment based lectures, seminars and workshops with direct coaching from our team of qualified Instructors. Our society tends to be “Reactive” – people normally wait for negative events to occur before attempting to change or improve their situation. At S4U, we want to transform this passive approach into a more proactive one, we see ourselves as creative thinkers continuously evolving with our clients to meet their needs and enhance their lifestyles. ' Our philosophy is built on a foundation of preparation.’

By educating, training and empowering individuals to actively improve their capabilities and confidence, their chances of overcoming negative situations are greatly increased. We believe that if individuals are happy and thriving, then so is their work and family life, that balance is often hard to find but together at S4U we make it our priority to not only find that balance but help you keep it going forward. We know it is difficult to thrive if ones physical and mental health aren’t catered for, that is why we have created our “Excel – Body & Mind” programs - a flexible and innovative physical wellness system designed to ensure you are healthy, happy, engaged and productive. It is a tailor-made service that evolves based on what works for our client’s and satisfies their needs. At S4U we always put you first, we understand everyone is individual in their needs.

If you are interested in improving your company, yourself, your institution, if you want to build a stronger you or a stronger team physically and mentally within your organisation or workforce, then talk to us about how we can help you, lets do this together, break down those negative barriers and move forward, we never see problems we only see solutions, by putting you first.

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"Having heard about S4U from colleagues in the industry, we asked them to come and host a team-building workshop in our large automotive centre. In a sales-driven business, it’s crucial that the staff feel buoyed, energetic and valued and we felt confident that S4U could assist us with these needs.

Pat and Srdan listened to our requirements, made thoughtful and proactive suggestions and delivered an excellent team-building workshop on the day. They are both highly-qualified professionals experienced in corporate environments, but they’re also skilled in injecting an element of fun into learning, which is how they achieve such a dynamic rapport with their clients.

In addition to offering valuable advice on achieving a healthy body and mind, they focused on enhancing our working relationship, with a view to creating a solid esprit de corps. At the end of the session, our staff felt imbued with a new positivity and energy, which is having a strong effect on sales and customer interaction already.

We strongly recommend S4U to any fellow company directors who feel that their team could benefit from professional guidance in corporate wellness and morale-boosting strategies. For us, working with S4U represented a simple but very worthwhile investment in our most valued asset: our staff.."


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